ICW Warranty

When you move into a Stinders Home, we guarantee you peace of mind. Our passion and experience ensure that our renowned construction speed never sacrifices quality, as evidenced by our 0% structural complaints rate. But don’t just take our word for it, enjoy having the security of an ICW Warranty. This solid structural warranty guarantees structural security for years to come and ensures if an anomaly occurs, we’ve got you covered.

ICW Warranty ICW Warranty ICW Warranty ICW Warranty ICW Warranty ICW Warranty

What does the warranty cover?

Your structural warranty from ICW will cover the following scenarios:

  • Costs for a full or partial rebuild of your home, as a result of structural defects
  • Costs for rectifying any water damage caused as a result of design, build or material issues during the build
  • Costs related to fixing issues caused from inadequate drainage systems
  • Insolvency of the housing developer the home has been purchased from
  • Defects to the home up to 24 months after completion and handover
  • Structural issues up to 24 months after completion and handover
  • Contaminated land cover
  • Costs associated with required alternative accommodation due to issues with the structure
  • Legal fees associated with any of the above
  • Costs for removing debris from your home as a result of any of the above

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